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You agree to the following conditions and the privacy policy when using our service. If you do not agree with our terms or privacy policy, please close the site immediately. Your personal data is not transferred to third parties. We use the concept that requires registration, customers (“users”) must register their personal information to having the ability to use all the services offered.. Your service usage statistics, which contain information about the use of our network, are kept for the future Analysis. These data are necessary for analytical purposes, they will not be published anywhere. In accordance with our security policy, we can keep your IP addresses updated. Services are paid for, so the term “coins” refers to the virtual currency, which is used in all financial operations here.When you buy the virtual currency, you agree not to give it to someone, transfer it or return it. Yes, It was not discussed with service members before. Offensive behavior can lead to confiscation of the virtual currency and account without the right to return. All transactions made within the payment system are stored according to our security policy. Promotions are released as promo codes. Promotions are released as promo codes. They can be both single-time and multiple0time use. The addition of emblems and states with offensive content is not allowed All emblems go through moderation. Logos that contain images of racism/nudity or anything that may be offensive to some groups of people in the meanings of their religion or worldview should be banned without any notification. We changed only the active emblem of the band. You are restricted from signing more than one account. You are restricted from signing more than one account